The Doculabs Workflow Process Migration Solution uses our proven proprietary method enhanced with process mining to provide you with a formula that cuts the time and cost of migrating to a new workflow system. 

Customer-centric processes are painful and manual for many companies. Thousands of processes are locked in legacy business process management or workflow platforms. 

As organizations look to transform the customer experience and modernize old workflows, the migration from legacy environments presents a significant obstacle in their ability to move forward.  

Here at Doculabs, we specialize in creating value through process optimization and have spent decades guiding banking, investment management, and insurance clients through the complex effort of migrating workflow processes 

The Doculabs Workflow Process Migration Solution combines our decades of benchmark data and experience with process mining to provide you with automated insights into your current processes and a path forward in reaching your migration goals, saving time and costs in your migration efforts.  

For many companies, current processes are not well understood, seldom documented, and often those that created the process are gone. The speed to understand your current state, ability to identify common patterns in cross-divisional customer experiences for standardization, and the ability to apply automation to the migration are critical success factors for any migration project.  

Our solution uses process mining to: 

  • Automate the discovery of as-is processes, reducing the manual effort and time invested to diagnosing current state processes 
  • Compare old and new processes to determine the resulting impact on cost and value 
  • Auto-generate BPMN maps to facilitate rapid movement to the target environment 
  • Accelerate Compliance sign-off on migrated processes 

Solution Benefits

The Doculabs Workflow Process Migration Solution allows you to: 

  • Quickly assess and understand future migration costs 
  • Enable side-by-side comparisons of as-is and to-be processes 
  • Accelerate compliance’s ability to sign-off on migrated processes 
  • Enable the identification of common process standards for use in a reusable component library
  • Diagnose identical or similar processes as candidates for consolidation 
  • Identify high volume, high value processes and prioritize them for early migration 
  • Significantly reduce consulting time and spend

How It Works

Visualize your current state processes instantly: 

  • The app brings process analysis into the future by analyzing data in real-time from your source systems, identifying variances, frictions, and root causes to the problems in your process

Assess individual processes and determine your path forward: 

  • Our proprietary formula embedded in our Health, Fit, and Value tool provides instant insights into how efficient, effective, and important a process is to your business 
  • From here, your business can determine the best migration method for your process – move as-is, reengineer, or retire 

Compare families of processes to find commonalities and reduce the number of processes to migrate: 

  • Quickly compare like processes side-by-side, identifying variations and business drivers involved to uncover differences and similarities that can be consolidated or standardized before migration into your new workflow system 


There's a faster way to migrate workflows. Let Doculabs show you how.