Inaccurate timecards pluck revenue from staffing agencies’ pockets by slowing cash flow and increasing operating costs. The Doculabs Timecard-to-Cash Solution ensures a smooth revenue stream without the cost and delay of manual adjustments.

What percentage of your timecards are inaccurate? How much revenue is tied to those inaccurate timecards? Is one (or two or three) of your customers especially prone to adjustments? Most importantly, what are the costs to your business for all of those manual adjustments?

Mismatched amounts between timecards, invoices, and contracts requires costly manual rework and slows down cash flow.

The Doculabs Timecard-to-Cash solution combines our proven proprietary methodology with Celonis process mining to process timecards correctly the first time.

By optimizing the timecard-to-cash process, staffing and professional services will:

  • Increase cash flow by reducing days sales outstanding
  • Eliminate 10s of thousands of dollars in manual adjustments and processing
  • Pay staff correctly and on time

Achieve Business Objectives With a Fully Automated Timecard-to-Cash Process

The Timecard-to-Cash Solution makes this possible via a 3-way match. This requires that the timecard (hours and rate) matches the customer’s purchase order or contract terms and the staffing firm’s invoice to the customer.

The solution helps businesses achieve five business objectives by focusing on key metrics for each:

  • Working Capital Optimization
    • Days sales outstanding
    • Labor Productivity
  • Cost Per Timecard
    • First time right
    • Rework
    • Paid on time
  • Staff and Client Satisfaction
    • Staff retention
    • Client renewal rates

Identifying the problems is only half of the effort. The Timecard-to-Cash solution is tightly tied to a business’ processes, allowing those processes to be improved and streamlined.

The solution can also reveal opportunities for improvement, such as reducing delinquent invoices, identifying additional automation opportunities, and detecting fraud.

Timecard-to-Cash Engagement Options

We offer three levels of engagement:

  1. Feasibility Assessment
  2. Detailed Analysis
  3. Production Roll-out (with live connection)

If you aren’t sure where to begin, a Feasibility Assessment could be perfect for you. Doculabs loads a small data set from your source system (e.g., PeopleSoft or SAP) to validate and ensure that all activities needed can be properly interpreted and modeled.

Our Detailed Analysis takes a deeper dive into your data. We use a robust data set from an extended time period to perform a complete diagnosis of your timecard and billing activity. Based on the diagnosis, we provide recommendations to improve your timecard process.

A Production Roll-out includes Doculabs’ professional services to complete Celonis installation as well as client assistance to build the skills and knowledge you need to become self-sufficient. The Celonis implementation will be set to monitor live data directly from your timecard and billing processes (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

We offer a FAST return on value – Feasibility in 3 weeks, Detailed Analysis in 8, or a Production Roll-out in 12.

It’s past time for you to stop slow, costly, inefficient manual workarounds for rebilling timecards.

You can do better.

We can help.

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