You Can't Afford Bad Technology Decisions

Organizations continue to march toward replacing legacy mainframe and older Web-based systems with SaaS and cloud solutions. Many of these older systems have been around for 15 to 20 years and "kind of" still do the job. But enterprises are looking for more innovative solutions, and to remove costly hardware from the balance sheet. Making a well-informed business decision on these large dollar, high stakes technologies is critical.

Failure in rolling out a new solution is not an option. Lost revenue, wasted budget, employee downtime, customer frustration, and loss of trust among your peers– no one wants to pay these costs. You need to make well informed, cost-justified decisions that will allow you to leverage new capabilities and continue to evolve during a time of technology transformation. 

How Doculabs Can Help with Information Management Technology Decisions

  • Getting you to a short list quickly. Don't spend 3 months building, sending, and reviewing an RFI. Instead, ask our experts which solution you should spend your time evaluating.
  • Validating or authoring requirements. Our subject matter experts can author requirements that are easy for both the business and the vendors to understand.
  • Defining proof-of-concept (POC) scenarios. The right scenario should be both challenging and repeatable.
  • Building a scorecard. Our team will make sure the ratings and the weightings align with your needs.
  • Evaluating POC results and providing recommendations. Our experts offer recommendations based on experience going through this process hundreds of times.

Why You Should Choose Doculabs Expertise

We are trusted advisors with deep expertise. Doculabs was founded over 25 years ago to help organizations make better technology buying decisions. Each buyer of enterprise technology is a unique entity with varied requirements, sizing, and process customization. Since our founding in 1993, our approach has been to provide custom, unbiased technology recommendations that best fit each client. In order to maintain our ability to make unbiased technology recommendations, Doculabs does not resell software, accept referral fees, nor implement technology. 

Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can help your organization.

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