The Right Strategy Is Critical for Successful Execution

When it's time to migrate your workflows, automate business processes, migrate to the cloud, enable new technologies, clean up content, or even launch an ECM, CCM, or governance program for the first time, the costs and the stakes are high. System failure, or rollout of a new platform or process that no one will use, is not an option. Developing a comprehensive, actionable strategy that accounts not only for technology, but also process and change management, is critical.

Why Choose Doculabs to Assist With Your Information Management Strategy

Doculabs consultants have worked together for years, bringing a deep history of industry and technology experience to the table on Day 1 that informs our approach to developing your information management strategy. We have conducted hundreds of content-related projects, earning a reputation as trusted advisors that understand the unique complexities of dealing with enterprise content / content services. Based on our prior experiences, we developed a proven framework for creating winning strategies.

New call-to-actionHow Doculabs Develops a Comprehensive, Actionable Strategy

While scope will vary according to project and budget requirements, there are five main phases of our strategy definition projects.  

1. Current State Assessment - Discovery and Gap Analysis

A strategy isn't worth much if it's developed without a solid understanding of where you're coming from, the capabilities and limitations you're dealing with, and your objectives. Our experts conduct working sessions and interviews with stakeholders to become familiar with the current state solutions and practices. Once the current state is assessed, we identify gaps and opportunities to be addressed in the future state.

2. Development of the Future State Vision

After developing our initial future state recommendations, we conduct working sessions with the appropriate stakeholders to refine and agree on an achievable future state vision. The key term is achievable. Many firms shoot for the moon when building out a vision for the future and want to include all the bells and whistles in the plan. The reality is that by the time most firms deploy all the bells and whistles, the requirements will have changed. Doculabs takes a practical look at your needs, your overall business goals, and the market leading peers to determine the right goals to set for your organization. 

3. Development of an Actionable Roadmap

A Doculabs roadmap is a blueprint for execution that outlines the initiatives necessary to move to the future state, the processes, the resources, the technology, the interdependencies and the time frames. Many consultancies offer strategies that sit on a shelf collecting dust, but few offer the actionable, comprehensive roadmaps that we provide to guide you through a two- to three-year execution period.

4. Technology Recommendations

A large enabler of your plan will be technology, and leveraging the right tools the right ways can often be the difference between project success or failure. Since 1993, Doculabs has been evaluating content management technology and tools that support content management, such as process automation technology. We can guide you through changes to your technical strategy and application portfolio to drive future success. 

5. Cost Benefit Analysis

How much will this cost? How much will we save? How much more will we earn? Are the benefits worth the cost? How quick is the return? 

You can expect to hear these questions anytime you propose a large project. Doculabs can assist with building your business case and presenting it to line-of-business and executives in language that resonates with their roles.

Deep Expertise from Trusted Advisors

Our clients rely on us to help them solve complex enterprise problems involving content. We do this by providing recommendations based on experience and empirical data spanning over 25 years of consulting. Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can help your organization.

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