Get the Budget You Need With a Business Case

How much will this cost? How much will we save? How much more will we earn? Are the benefits worth the cost? How quick is the return? 

You can expect to hear these questions anytime you propose a large project.

Valuing the investment in enterprise technologies, programs and processes isn't like valuing a piece of equipment or an acre of land. Unless you've been involved in a number of similar projects in recent years, it will take you significant time to tie together all the data you need to come reasonably close to the true costs and benefits. While developing an ROI can be fairly straightforward, development of the more comprehensive cost benefit analysis is both art and science (and math).  Regardless of the time and effort it will take, you can't skip this step if you expect to get funded.

Why Doculabs Is Uniquely Positioned to Assist With Cost-Benefit Analysis

We've been involved in hundreds of information management projects over our 25+ year history - including enterprise content management, customer communications, information governance, process automation, and digital transformation. Our deep experience across numerous practice areas and industries means that we know how to pull together the answers about costs and benefits for each type of project, how best to collect it, and whether estimates offered by technology providers are reasonable.

Our years of experience also means that we're seasoned in presenting business cases to executive leadership, speaking in the P&L language that will best resonate with those roles.

How Doculabs Can Help You Build Your Business Case

  • Assist in data collection
  • Develop informed estimates where needed, based on our 25 years of industry experience and benchmark data
  • Prepare cost-benefit analysis talking points
  • Develop various business case models
  • Present business case to executive leadership

Deep Expertise From Trusted Advisors

Our clients rely on us to help them solve complex enterprise problems involving content and workflow processes. We do this by providing recommendations based on experience and empirical data spanning over 25 years of consulting. Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can help your organization.

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