We provide guidance on how best to use information management technology to achieve your business goals. A consulting engagement with us results in a roadmap you can use to successfully navigate implementation of technology crucial to your company’s success; technology such as process mining, workflow/process automation, forms processing, information governance, and enterprise content management (also called content services). 

We have extensive experience in providing consulting services across industries (with particular expertise in financial services and insurance) and deep knowledge of the best practices your company can use to maximize their investment in these IT tools. 

Doculabs' Consulting Services


our-deliverablesDoculabs’ deliverables are designed to provide clear analysis and actionable recommendations.

We deliver our project findings and recommendations in a graphic, dashboard-type format that’s easy to understand, showing complex relationships that can be difficult to convey in a written report. Our deliverables give a complete view of the objectives, key decision factors, and recommendations for each phase of the project, in a format that’s highly consumable: easily translated into presentation tools that our clients can then distribute to internal audiences, allowing them to share project findings without the need to reconfigure report data.

Our clients find our deliverables to be effective communication tools for sharing project findings with a set of stakeholders throughout the organization – from the project team, to executive management, to the broader user community as the recommendations are rolled out. You can request to view samples here.

Deep Expertise from Trusted Advisors

Our clients rely on us to help them solve complex enterprise problems involving content. We do this by providing recommendations based on experience and empirical data spanning over 25 years of consulting. Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can help your organization.

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