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How many times have you missed your daily production target and had no idea why? Do you have to call the shop floor and hope they remember what issues occurred during the day? Even if you can see how individual operations performed do you have a hard time seeing how your process from start to finish performed? We can help.

As manufacturers confront rising costs, supply chain disruptions, and labor challenges, inefficient processes prevent effective action to address these issues with agility. Many organizations have looked to Industry 4.0 and other digital initiatives to help drive efficiencies. The initiatives have provided step-level improvements, but they have also overwhelmed manufactures with data – and underwhelmed with the ability to leverage the data.

The Production Control Tower can help generate value with your data by creating a digital replication of your manufacturing processes. Using real-time data, we can help you analyze key business processes across your manufacturing operations to identify waste and drive continuous improvement. Armed with this digital process view, you can focus on identifying the issues that are preventing you from hitting your production targets, put actions in place to address the issues, and then measure the productivity improvements.

The Production Control Tower delivers quick ROI (think months, not years).

Let us help you attack rising costs, supply chain disruptions, and labor challenges by driving efficiencies within your manufacturing processes with the Production Control Tower – allowing you to integrate your data sources across operations to:

  • Measure output in real time to see how the process is truly performing
  • Identify process deviations and prioritize which have the greatest impact on productivity, quality, and on-time delivery
  • Implement solutions quickly
  • Monitor solution effectiveness

Opportunities for Continuous Improvement

By creating a digital replication of your processes, we help you remove waste from your continuous improvement process. It’s ironic that the process most companies use to drive efficiency improvements is so inefficient. Countless hours are spent gathering critical manufacturing data and expensive resources are consumed to document the process to the best of their ability. The processes that are documented, in most cases, are the most prevalent and ignore the deviations that are driving up costs for companies.

The Production Control Tower uses data from you core systems, machines, scanners, and other data capture devices to generate the process view and all the deviations instantaneously, saving you significant time and generating results that are markedly more accurate.

The process view created with the Production Control Tower is a living view – as you implement improvements the results are automatically tracked. You can monitor the process to make sure the changes implemented are adhered to. Once you have implemented a process within the Production Control Tower it stays current, allowing you to drive continuous improvement without the painful process to update documentation – if you can even find it.

It’s time to improve your manufacturing process with the Production Control Tower.

What key manufacturing processes can we help with? Any of them:

  • Design to manufacture
  • Plan to produce
  • Procure to pay
  • Order to cash [include link to blog post]
  • Produce to stock
  • Stock to ship
  • Service

How It Works

The Doculabs’ combination of industry expertise, technology know-how, and relationship with Celonis (we are a Platinum Services Partner) creates rapid return on value for a Production Control Tower project.

With a focus on fast ROI, within 3 months you will see improvements in your manufacturing processes.

The first step in a Production Control Project is defining your strategic goals and success criteria and to choose the relevant processes for assessment. The next step is a diagnostic of your production process with data from your ERP, MES, IoT, and/or other manufacturing data sources. With that data, we identify improvement opportunities to create immediate changes to processes.

This data set is downloaded for analysis. There’s no data security risk.

We also deliver a summary report of key recommendations that can serve as the onramp to a roadmap for continued improvement.

It’s time for you to take advantage of Industry 4.0 and the opportunities for continuous improvement revealed by process mining.

You can do better.

We can help.

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