Utilities face unique workflow and process automation challenges.

The utilities industry depends on many document-based processes to safely and reliably provide electricity and gas services. If those documents aren't routed correctly via process automation, custer service suffers (as does revenue). Process mining can identify gaps in these document-based processes -- customer response times/delays, for example -- and provide a path to correcting the process.

Utilities face a unique combination of content management challenges, including the needs for:

    • Ensuring that accurate and up-to-date as-built drawings and documents are available for asset maintenance and repair. 
    • Monitoring and protecting sensitive data – from customer data to operational data – and ensure that corporate policy is followed for proper information maintenance and disposition.
    • Responding to litigation or Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests efficiently and reliably.
    • Ensuring information reliability and accessibility – often from a broad variety of devices across different geographies.

Poor Information Management Creates Enterprise Risk for Utilities

Strategic Process Automation Addresses These Challenges

The good news is that these challenges can be met for relatively modest investments in technology and organizational change in information management practices. With strategic information management for utilities, your information assets are aligned to corporate goals, providing a structure for content such as e-mail, office documents, engineering drawings, and thousands of other pieces of information helping everyone from line workers to members of the board make intelligent decisions.

Helping Utilities Succeed

For 30 years Doculabs has worked with large and small utility companies to assess their information management programs and build actionable strategies to address these issues and more. Our clients look to us to provide best-in-industry perspective on leading information management strategy, information architecture, contract management strategy, content cleanup and migration, and tool selection.

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