Manufacturing faces unique process automation challenges.

If you’re in manufacturing, you face these unique challenges for managing content:

  • Diverse user groups – research, development, legal, compliance, finance, sales, marketing – which need to access common information
  • Facilities and operations that are geographically dispersed, potentially multi-national
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements for management of critical safety and environmental documentation
  • Protection of sensitive data and intellectual property, such as formulas and trade secrets
  • Diverse technology environments (e.g. as a result of mergers and acquisitions)

Information management is a strategic advantage.

Today's manufacturing organizations are looking for ways to improve efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and decrease time to market, all toward attaining operational excellence and competitive advantage.

Your information is a corporate asset that can yield strategic advantage in product development and the merchandising of your organization's products. Control of your information is critical to protecting intellectual property and documenting regulatory compliance, even as you face an increasing need to share information to improve relations with partners, suppliers, and customers..

After more than 25 years in strategic consulting, Doculabs has worked with numerous manufacturers, helping them put in place the technology environment they need to address these challenges. 

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