Financial services firms face unique challenges process automation and content management challenges. 

Banks, investment management firms, and other financial services institutions face greater competition in acquiring and retaining customers, even as they are under greater pressure to reduce operational costs. In an uncertain and highly competitive market, financial services firms are looking for cost-effective ways to capture greater market share and increase customer retention.

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You face a unique set of challenges for managing content:


We apply specialized knowledge to address the business issues that matter most to you and your customers.

Doculabs has worked with financial services firms to help them use real-time data from process mining to identify and improve business processes. We've also helped financial services companies:

  • Identify process inefficiencies with Doculabs' solutions based on process mining tools from Celonis
  • Use enterprise content management (ECM) technologies to provide more effective process management and to reduce the costs of regulatory compliance
  • Streamline their technology infrastructures and reduce operating costs through system rationalization
  • Identify opportunities and to make the business case for robotic process automation (RPA) in financial services support functions, helping to automate these processes

But more effective management of business content also helps organizations in the financial services sector collaborate on the development of new products and services, thereby improving time to market. We've advised numerous clients on the ECM technology applications that helped give them a competitive edge.

In our near 30-year history, we have worked with the leading firms in the financial services industry. The result is deep and extensive knowledge of the specialized technologies that are critical to banking and investment management, and an understanding of the role technology can play in addressing the business issues that matter most to you and to your customers.

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