How to Select Enterprise Software

The right selection process will help you get the most value out of your enterprise software investment.

We've been involved in software selection for more than two decades—both as buyers and as advisors to buyers. We’ve seen leaders make snap decisions with little to no process. We’ve seen RFP processes that go on for months with no decision ever being made. And while we’ve seen organizations get tremendous value from their software platforms, too often organizations spend millions of dollars and don’t end up using some or all of the technology they have bought.

Download this guide to learn why we recommend these 5 best practices for software selection.

While it’s difficult to generalize about what makes for an optimal software selection process at every organization, we recommend 5 best practices that give you a higher likelihood of getting value from the software you eventually purchase.

  1. Know your sources of information
  2. Be skeptical
  3. Skip the RFP
  4. Evaluate how the vendor sells
  5. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good