The Doculabs ECM practice is focused on leveraging enterprise content management systems and related processes to solve business problems. We'll develop your strategy and roadmap for standing up or migrating to a new ECM system, define CMS usage guidelines, and identify opportunities to increase automation with ECM tools. We'll set up or optimize your ECM Center of Excellence, or develop your business case for moving content to the cloud. Because we don't have any financial relationships with vendors, we offer advice that's motivated strictly by what's best for our clients. And given our 25+ years in business, we've gained a wealth of experience and best practices perspective by engaging with all the major ECM vendors through our client projects.

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ECM Solves Business Problems

Enterprise content management (ECM) is a combination of people, process, and technology for organizing and managing content to serve a business purpose. As such, ECM is not just about technology.

ECM offers numerous potential benefits to the business when implemented correctly, including:

  • More seamless, positive customer experiences driven by digital-first processes
  • Improved back-office productivity
  • Improved compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Increased ability to secure and govern sensitive information and intellectual property
  • Improved customer service as employees get better access to more accurate information

ECM is a prerequisite for a wide range of content-related initiatives. Digital workplace, collaboration, information governance, records management, content migration, repository consolidation, privacy and regulatory compliance, even the effectiveness of enterprise search—all rely on a sound foundation of unstructured content management. And while the specific needs will vary from business to business, any ECM system and discipline must address capture, storage, automation, search, and information governance

Which Is More Important? Technology or Strategy?

There is no shortage of technology available for enterprise content management. The market for ECM technology has undergone seismic, positive change in recent years as the number of options—particularly cloud solutions—have increased substantially. Regardless of whether your business is implementing ECM for the first time, migrating to a new ECM, or struggling with issues on an older on-premises solution; it's important to realize that the majority of business problems you're hoping to solve with ECM can be solved by developing and implementing the right strategy, regardless of the technology employed. Once you've developed a strategy for solving business problems with ECM, you can decide whether to use new technology that will better meet your needs, or whether your current technology meets your requirements.

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