How We Price Projects

Doculabs charges a fixed fee based on a custom-defined scope of work that typically happens over an 8-12 week period. Work is conducted both on-site and remotely. Any travel is billed separately and kept to the minimum necessary to meet project requirements.

Pricing Considerations

We examine a number of factors when pricing an engagement. Scope and the required team resources are two of the most critical.

1. Scope

Naturally, the more complex and comprehensive a project, the more cost involved in executing it. But knowing that budget matters for every client, we carefully customize each scope of work to meet your needs effectively and efficiently. And because our consultants are subject matter experts with deep expertise, we are able to complete projects within fewer hours, keeping the total costs lower than other consultants. Benchmark studies have shown that subject matter experts are the most cost-effective resources to tackle an information management strategy project, whereas internal staff are the least cost-effective. Generalist consultants fall in the middle.

2. Allocation of Doculabs Team Members

Doculabs takes a team-based approach to maximize the depth and breadth of knowledge we keep in-house. We rely on our consultants, who are all subject matter experts, to deliver all of our project work. Doculabs consultants are highly experienced, each with at least 15 years experience in their area of expertise.

A Doculabs executive sponsor, who is also a subject matter expert, is involved in every engagement. This facilitates buy-in from your leadership, and ensures consistent, top-quality results from the Doculabs team. We also utilize graphic design and editing resources to ensure quality artifacts for the project deliverables.

The number of team members assigned to a project varies with scope of work; however, we usually see the best value from allocating 2-3 subject matter experts per engagement.

Ballpark Price Ranges

While we can't provide a proposed cost for your specific project without a detailed scoping conversation, we can share ballpark price ranges based on previous engagements. Please note that the pricing examples below represent only a portion of the engagement types we provide.

Quick Hit Validation/Gap Analysis 
Over eight weeks, we speak with key stakeholders and use the resulting intelligence to provide high-level recommendations for improvements. 
Cost: $80,000-$100,000

Comprehensive Strategy/Roadmap
A 12-week engagement to assess current state and provide a future state roadmap with cost analysis, to help you identify and/or solve a problem.
Cost: $150K-$275K

Program Transformation
Over 12-16 weeks, we help you uncover how your organization's information management operations (information security, records management, capture, etc.) can be re-imagined to support future business operations.
Cost: $200K-$350K

Maturity Assessment/Benchmark
An 8-10 week engagement to benchmark aspects of your operations to as many as 10 peers.
Cost: $100,000-$150,000

Product Assessment
A 6-8 week product assessment engagement can involve anything from a market comparison, to RFP assistance, or a facilitation of product comparisons.
Cost: $75,000-$150,000