We provide the partnership companies need to create effective and reliable automation in critical business processes.


Doculabs’ goal is to help you squeeze every drop of value and accelerate the return from your process automation technology investments.


Our accelerated approach to consulting engagements means you’ll see results in weeks, not months. While other consulting firms are still spending hundreds of hours collecting data, we’re already creating value via automated data collection.


We’re wired differently from big SI consulting firms in the process automation market space.


We’ve combined our traditional management consulting expertise with a growing relationship with process mining leader Celonis [Doculabs was named the Celonis Americas Region Partner of the Year for 2021 and we are a Platinum Services Partner]. Doculabs has been able to build on 30 years of expertise to develop process-specific “acceleration apps” to guide organizations through their digital transformation and on to conducting business.


7 Ways Doculabs Is Different

What makes us different? How do we distinguish ourselves from other consulting firms in the process automation and content management market space? The combination of the seven differentiators below makes us the right choice for a quick return on value.


1. Process Automation Expertise. We are a recognized expert and authority in both optimizing business processes and the enterprise content management (ECM). We were among the first consultancies to ground its research in unbiased, applied assessments of software products. We continue regular briefings with leading suppliers to keep informed on the most current industry and user trends. Our ongoing contact with clients and the vendor community positions us as a unique and trusted advisor to our clients and industry

2. Consulting Methodology and Services Approach. Doculabs follows a consistent, phased methodology to develop effective strategies for our clients. This methodology is agile – continuously evolving over the past 29 years to account for changes to best practices. Our team-based approach to delivering consulting and solutions projects allows us to bring multiple perspectives to bear on each project, ensuring thorough and well-reasoned recommendations.

3. Innovative Consulting Services. As a result of our leadership in the process automation and ECM market space, we understand both end-user challenges and supplier-side trends. We continually listen to our clients as they tell us about the business problems they are trying to solve, and we regularly refine our portfolio of services to address those business problems. At the same time, Doculabs consultants debrief solution providers to understand the most effective ways of using their products to address our clients’ needs – which allows us to develop best practices that we can then share with our clients.

4. Short-Term Approach to Projects. Doculabs engagements are designed for quick turnaround and high impact. The typical engagement lasts between 8 to 12 weeks. We provide clients a set of actionable recommendations within a shorter timeframe than other consultancies in this market are capable of. Our Celonis Solutions also focus on rapid time to value for you. While other consultants are still accessing your data, we’ll have given you data you can act on to improve your business processes. Our projects are broken down into manageable phases. This allows results to be reviewed and measured while also ensuring milestones are met.

5. Emphasis on Knowledge Transfer. Our consulting engagements are collaborative. We take the time to ensure effective knowledge transfer from our consulting team to your project team to ensure your ongoing success when the engagement ends. Doculabs also offers ongoing services in execution planning and monitoring to give ongoing access to expertise and perspective after the initial engagement has been completed.

6. Specialized Knowledge of Your Industry. Through our work with Fortune 1000 clients, Doculabs consultants continually develop deeper understanding of the unique business challenges for various industries (financial services, insurance, and manufacturing). Drawing on this combination of technology and industry expertise, Doculabs will work with you to solve your process and/or content-related problems by aligning the right technology solution with your corporate objectives and IT strategy.

 7. Objectivity. We bring an objective perspective to every consulting engagement. Our recommendations are always focused on the best interests of our clients, based on strategies and solutions that meet a client’s specific needs. Becoming a Celonis Services Partner (we are a Platinum Partner) hasn’t changed our company DNA. Whether it’s a consulting engagement or a Celonis-based solution project, we guide you to the best technology and strategy for your needs – not ours.

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