The Doculabs digitization practice helps you make the transition from paper-based processes to digital technologies that can speed business processes, while also reducing the costs—and the risks—associated with pushing paper. We’ll help you identify where you can leverage technologies like capture, e-forms, and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to automate and improve the flow of information in your business processes. We’ll help you select the tools that best meet your application needs, including new tools for machine learning and artificial intelligence. We’ll even help you make the business case for going digital, with industry stats to help you calculate the ROI. We’ve worked with hundreds of organizations to identify their opportunities for automation and straight-through processing, then helped them roll out the technologies to go digital.

Capture and automation tools are rapidly improving digital capabilities. Innovations in capture technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and a host of other tools that allow for intelligent process automation are making it easier than ever to automate business processes and tasks. If used as part of a larger business process management program, you'll see significant improvements not just in operational efficiency, but also in your customer experience.  

Document automation in particular has jumped light years ahead, with legacy capture solutions upping their games and next-gen providers entering the market. Before jumping in to choose a tool however, you may want to conduct a proof of concept

The Seven Roadblocks to Digital Transformation White Paper

Benefits of Digitization

Key drivers of digitizing business processes include:
  • Reducing operational costs and improving the efficiency of core business processes
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Ensuring the availability of critical business documents for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Integrating structured data with unstructured data by tying transaction records to their associated documentation
  • Enabling opportunities for revenue enhancement, including the ability to communicate across multiple channels and potentially attract new business partners and customers
  • Digital transformation and digital workplace initiatives

For insights into how forms can be digitized to improve customer service (and more), watch our webinar below.

Digitization Technologies

There are several technologies that you may leverage in a digitization initiative:
  • Capture – through document imaging, electronic forms and e-signatures – presents tremendous opportunity to increase operational efficiency and improve the experience for staff and customers alike.
  • Business process management (BPM) tools are increasingly driving digital transformation, as they increase operational speed and efficiency, reduce complexity, and improve user experience.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is proving to be a particularly valuable BPM tool for certain business cases.
  • Enterprise content management (ECM) / content services platforms (CSP) are a prerequisite for a wide range of content-related initiatives organizations want to undertake. Information governance, collaboration, content migration, repository consolidation, even the effectiveness of enterprise search – all rely on a sound foundation of effective management of unstructured content.

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