The Doculabs digital workplace practice centers around the evolving digital workplace and one of the principal tools for providing collaboration functionality—Microsoft Office 365. We work to develop a strategy and roadmap to help you reach your desired future state, and to assess the best way of provisioning digital capabilities to your workforce—whether that’s through SharePoint, cloud tools, or a strategy for more targeted use of Office 365.

As the industry experts in enterprise content management, we can help you define your collaboration requirements, then help you leverage a tool and the provider that best enables the agility you need in your workplace. From there, we’ll help you roll it out with an approach that not only ensures standards and guidelines across your information assets, but also achieves the buy-in of the people who’ll be using it.

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Digital Workplace Tools Make It Easier to Work Together

Innovative thinkers and disruptive technologies continue to expand human expectations for digital tools to make our lives easier—both at home and at work. Whether from remote locations, on distributed teams, or just across work groups spanning multiple departments, the underlying requirement for the digital workplace is for tools to make it easier to work together—to collaborate in self-organizing and cross-functional teams, with customers and partners—in today’s agile environment. And technologies which facilitate collaboration can also facilitate innovation, helping to give an organization a competitive edge.

But a collaborative, digital workplace doesn’t just “happen.” It requires a digital workplace strategy, and the right tools.

Transforming Into a Collaborative, Digital Workplace Requires the Right Strategy and the Right Tools

A successful digital workplace initiative includes:

Download our digital workplace collaboration guide to learn more.

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