A poor claims experience pushes customers away. Our Claims Execution Management Solution gets you through the maze of data dead-ends to improve customer experience.

The faster you can analyze data, the faster you can improve your claims processes. 

You know your analytics -- how much you overpay per claim, your net promoter score, etc. What you don't know is why your analytics look like they do. Without a way to present easy-to-digest insight into your process data, finding the exact point where your process is off can be like wandering blindfolded in a maze.

Doculabs’ Claims Execution Management Solution is a process optimization shortcut for claims organizations, natively built on the Celonis platform. The solution provides executives and claims managers an end-to-end solution that will improve your claims process' efficiency and effectiveness. 

What does that mean for you? By using data from live workflow activity, the Doculab's Claims Execution Management Solution identifies gaps and misalignments in your process and helps you close them.

The result? Happier customers (as tracked by Net Promoter Score). Fewer over payments as you eliminate misalignments between adjuster expertise and claim complexity (giving a less experienced claims adjuster a complex claim or giving someone a bodily injury claim when they have no experience). Less time identifying process issues and more time doing something about them.

A single, easy-to-read dashboard (no more juggling multiple spreadsheets and pivot tables) provides a snapshot of the information you need:

  • Number of claims processed
  • Total payments and overpayments
  • Average time to payment
  • The impact of delays and rework on your Net Promoter Score

Our Claims Management Execution Solution is used to identify execution gaps, such as lack of process standardization, rework, loss adjustment, and assignment to the wrong adjusters. The tool then helps you identify improvements, and monitor your claims process execution against value metrics as you take action to improve. 

Solution Benefits

  • Save 100s of hours identifying broken processes
  • Reduce claims overpayment and loss adjustment expense.
  • Reduce long cycle times and NIGO quality issues due to lack of standardization, digitization, and automation. 
  • Reduce rework, redundant processing, and reopened claims.
  • Reduce inefficiencies caused by staffing and resource issues, including allocation and training
  • Improve customer satisfaction, retention, and upsell

How It Works 

 To see the solution in action, watch our demo video:

  •  Measure execution gaps in your processes -- like overpayment, dissatisfaction, and rework -- that limit your execution capacity.
    • Based on this real-time from source systems, the App then identifies root causes of those execution gaps – like lack of standardization, lack of automation, lack of training and guidelines
  • Know the root causes of execution gaps and the right solution to close the gaps -- like AI-based capture, RPA, claims self-service, standardized procedures, and training.
  • Act to close gaps and increase capacity with automation and real-time improvements to meet key value metrics like claims cycle times, claims adjuster utilization, and customer satisfaction rating.

Are you ready to understand why your claims analytics look like they do? Let's talk.