Doculabs, a certified Celonis partner, brings the Celonis Academy training program to your office (and online) to get the most from your investment in process mining. 

We can focus your process mining team on the courses they need from the 70+ Academy training courses spread over 9 training tracks, plus specialized training like PQL coding.

To make it a sustainable program, you need to invest in your people. With the right training – and the right process mining tool – your business will receive value from your IT investment for years.  

Doculabs is here to help. We’ll bring the Celonis Academy to you.  

As a certified Celonis training partner, the experts at Doculabs can help your team – including your executives – get on the same page and develop the in-house expertise needed to use best practices to apply Celonis tools to your business process. 

The training is available for all roles in a process mining project: executives, business user, analyst, data engineer, app creator, and business value architect.  

Why Celonis Process Mining Training With Doculabs?

Taking the training course under the guidance of Doculabs’ process optimization experts is like getting bonus training. They understand both the theory and the real-world applications of process mining because they’ve helped many of the largest companies in the world streamline their business processes for decades.  

The Sooner You Start, the Faster the Time to Value

Remember, optimizing business processes is hard enough when everyone is on the same page. Eliminate confusion about strategic goals by getting everyone on the same page from the beginning and give staff the knowledge they need to do their job.  

Upon completing the training, your staff will be ready to take and pass the Celonis Certification Exams.  

What are you waiting for? 

Contact Doculabs today for a quote.