Marketing departments can now identify execution gaps in content creation. Doculabs tracks the creative process with process mining for Adobe Workfront. 

Creative processes can be controlled IF you have the right data. Use the Doculabs Adobe Workfront Optimization Solution to discover the gaps and breakdowns in your creative process. 

Creating marketing content on-time is a huge problem for creative professionals. Workflows for creative resources are complex and routinely involve dozens, if not 100s, of people inside and outside of the marketing organization. 

Adobe Workfront is commonly used to manage assignment, routing, proofing, and approval of creative assets. However, limited analytics on the sequence of activities within a process prevent marketing departments from understanding exactly where the creative process is bogging down – Is creation taking too long? Editing? Approval?  

The Doculabs Adobe Workfront Optimization Solution answers that question – using process data to identify where in the creative process it’s breaking down. 

Instead of exporting report data into a spreadsheet to generate basic process statistics (number of jobs completed per month, per person, etc.), the solution extracts process data from Workfront to identify execution gaps, such as what types of jobs are getting reworked most frequently. 

How the Adobe Workfront Optimization Solution Works 

Doculabs’ projects offer a quick return on value. They are leverage Celonis’ process mining tool to effectively diagnose and identify process improvements  without the need for months-long effort. The Doculabs’ Workfront Process Assessment has three steps: 

  • Data Collection
    • Agree on scope of Workfront activity, i.e., 6 months of projects 
    • Scrub activity data to remove customer-specific details
  • Perform Process Analysis
    • Data is loaded into Celonis’ process mining tool
    • Create process visualizations
    • Present a sample analysis to client team for feedback and refinement 
  • Identify Results, Recommendations, and Next Steps 
    • Complete a KPI analysis in Celonis 
    • Summary presentation 
    • Cost estimate and timeline for implementing recommendations and changing the workflow

Every Company Is a Marketing Company

To drive business, all companies develop creative assets – videos, podcasts, blogs, press releases, Web pages, etc. Drive out delays, costs, and other inefficiencies in this process with the Adobe Workfront Optimization Solution. 

You’ll streamline your creative asset creation process. 

You’ll meet production deadlines and cut costs by identifying where delays and rework occur. 

You might even attract more customers with your timely, efficiently produced assets. 

You can do better.

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