Information Management Strategy Consulting for ECM, CCM and IRG

Managing unstructured content has emerged as both a risk and an opportunity in meeting operational challenges and profitability goals. Consultants who understand and can successfully navigate the deep complexities of unstructured content properly, are few and far between. That's where we come in.


Doculabs consultants deliver trusted answers to strategic questions.

  • How can we reduce and better manage our unstructured content to minimize risk and control costs?

  • What will it take to upgrade and consolidate our enterprise content management systems?

  • How do we improve customer and employee experiences with digital tools?

From vision to execution, we're with you to ensure success.

Insights alone aren’t always enough. From analysis and development of strategy, to design, content cleanup and migration, our information management strategy consultants are here to support you and your team.

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“We recently had to do a market scan for content capture technologies to update our capture strategy and roadmap. In this project, Doculabs’ deep expertise and rich knowledge propelled us to complete the job in very short time and with high confidence. Thanks to Doculabs’ depth of knowledge in the Financial Services industry and in the Capture market.”
Senior Leader
Global Financial Services Firm

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